Institutional Clients

(The list includes clients who have previously worked with Partners of Mumtaz & Brohi)

  • Civil Aviation Authority
  • Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority
  • Nayatel (Private) Limited
  • Pakistan Telecommunication Authority
  • Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited
  • Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited
  • LCC Pakistan (Private) Limited
  • Talkpool AG (Registered in Switzerland)
  • LMKR
  • Yousuf Adil, Chartered Accountants
  • Frontier Works Organization
  • National Highway Authority
  • Sambu Construction (Registered in South Korea)
  • China State Construction Engineering Corporation
  • Hakas (Private) Limited
  • Mohmand Construction (Private) Limited
  • Rakhshani Builders (Private) Limited
  • Maaksons (Private) Limited
  • Matracon (Private) Limited
  • World Learning Incorporated (Registered in US)
  • Blumont Incorporated (Registered in US)
  • Penny Appeal Trust
  • Gemalto Pakistan (Private) Limited
  • Target Consulting Services (Private) Limited
  • Kadr Technologies Inc. (Registered in US)
  • Humanetek (Private) Limited
  • Ef Tech (Private) Limited
  • Target Energy (Private) Limited
  • Kulachi Solar Power (Private) Limited
  • Karot Power Company
  • Allied Bank Limited
  • Phoenix SecurityTarget Consulting Services (Private) Limited Service (Private) Limited
  • Leonardo S.p.a (Registered in Italy)
  • ISRA University
  • FDH (Capital Smart City)

The list also includes some clients who have previously worked with our partners.