Mumtaz and Brohi

Babar Mumtaz

Mr. Babar Mumtaz is a trial lawyer and specializes in civil and criminal litigation work before courts, specialist tribunals and quasi-judicial forums. Mr. Babar has also conducted numerous arbitrations for public and private institutions.

Mr. Babar has specialized experience in contentious matters relating to real estate and land development in relation to which he represented clients against different housing schemes and authorities and also assisted several members of the Cooperative housing societies in Cooperative department for redressing their issues with the Societies

Mr. Babar has a keen interest in labour laws. He has advised various non-government organizations such as CARE International, Save the Children UK, the Network for Consumer Protection, Isra Islamic Foundation, Sightsaver, Phoenix Security Services (Private) Limited and Islamic Relief with regard to updating the HR manual of these organizations keeping in view the new developments in different labour laws and policies.

Mr. Babar has previously worked as in-house counsel for Emaar Pakistan (Private) Limited, a leading real estate development company. In this capacity, he advised on all sorts of legal issues pertaining to the company. He was also responsible for ensuring corporate compliance such as filing of annual returns and preparing documentation for filing in the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. He has advised on development projects, keeping a close liaison with Defense Housing Authority on joint venture issues relating to acquisition of land. He has handled litigation relating to the disputes with contractors and employees of the company. Mr. Babar has drafted documents relating to the customers of the company such as agreements to sell, affidavits, undertakings, termination agreements, forms for relinquishment and adjustment of the properties, transfer forms, mortgage forms and so on.

Mr. Babar has advised and assisted Nayatel (Private) Limited, a renowned telecom company on the disputes against several housing societies relating to acquisition of right of way for laying out and establishing its telecom infrastructure. Mr. Babar successfully handled the litigation on behalf of the company relating to employment bonds, right of access to information and customers complaints with regard to services provided by Nayatel.